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Dear Patients,
Dear Colleagues,

The Breast Centre at the Städtische Kliniken Mönchengladbach has made it its goal to offer healthcare for breast cancer patients in the city of  Mönchengladbach and vicinity on the highest scientific level. The professional competency levels are given and guaranteed on site.

We are looking back on many years of surgical treatment of breast cancer by the Head Physician of the Breast Centre, Bashar Youssef, MD. It spans 21 years. We place a lot of emphasis on quality and the provision of personal support to breast cancer patients. The effective cooperation and communication with obstetricians’ offices and radiology practices is especially important to us. The infrastructure of the Städtische Kliniken offers the best prerequisites for the optimum treatment of breast cancer patients.

I, Bashar Youssef, MD, am a physician specializing in gynaecology. Since 2004, I have been working exclusively in breast surgery and the treatment of breast cancer. At the clinic, I practice surgical and non-surgical treatment procedures of breast cancer based on the latest scientific standards. Thanks to my many years of working as a surgeon and the related experience, I have been able to develop my own surgical techniques. My patients greatly appreciate the result of this development. Aesthetic breast surgery and the redevelopment of breasts make up a second focal part of my surgery practices. I place a lot of emphasis on the continuous support to patients prior to, during and post surgery. A trust-based relationship between physician and patient is the basis of the medical services I provide.

We make the good cooperation with our colleagues who operator doctors’ offices a key component of our work, always with a focus on the health of our patients.


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