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Brief Profile

Dear Patients,
Esteemed Colleagues,

Similar to the medical services provided during the first years of life – paediatrics – geriatrics are dedicated to older patients. During this phase of life, besides normal physiological changes that go hand in hand with aging, patients increasingly face illnesses. It is typical for several diseases to arise simultaneously.

Boasting 80 inpatient beds and 15 day clinic accommodations, the Geriatrics Centre is one of the largest geriatric hospitals in Germany. The doctors, nursing staff and therapists all have broad professional knowledge in the treatment of age-related functional and health impairments. This expertise integrates knowledge of the different professional disciplines related to seniors based on internal medicine and neurology.

Geriatric Treatment

Geriatric treatment is always provided by a team. The focal point of the therapeutic team is the patient.

The therapeutic team is composed of the nursing staff of trained nurses and caregivers, ergo therapists, occupational therapists, logopaedics experts (who treat linguistic, speech, vocal and swallowing problems), medical water treatment experts and massage therapists, social workers, neuropsychologists, religious counsellors and physicians.  
Under the management of physicians, the problems, deficits, complications and progress of patients are discussed and specifically treated on a daily basis.

Besides restoring the health and mobility of older patients to the fullest extent possible, the objective of geriatric treatment is the fostering of autonomy to assist him or her, if at all possible, with the return to the familiar household environment. Despite our patients’ high average age (women around 80 and men around 74 years of age), 2/3 of our patients can be discharged into their familiar domestic situation upon completion of their treatment. About 10–15 % of the patients are subsequently admitted to a nursing home for the first time or readmitted.


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