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Elective Services

Additional services available upon request

High quality medical care as well as professional services and support are all part of our hospital standards.
During your in-patient stay, you may arrange for additional services upon request – either through private insurance, private supplementary insurance or direct pay.

Elective physician’s services

If you opt for elective physician’s services you will receive personal care as well as medical treatment from the medical director of the respective department, or, in his or her absence, from the deputy director. You will benefit from their particular professional qualifications and experience.  
Billing for medical directors’ services will be based on the Fee Schedule for Physicians (Gebührenordnung für Ärzte = GOÄ), which may be reviewed in the administrative offices of our medical directors.

Elective non-physician’s services

Besides accommodations in a comfortable single or two bed room, non-physician’s elective services include a large portfolio of special service and supplementary measures. By offering an elevated ambiance and many small conveniences, we aim to make you most comfortable at our facility. Our helpful employees will pay you regular visits and will always be open to your wishes and needs.  
Elective service rooms have their own sanitary zones. A robe and a set of fresh towels will be made available every day. Daily newspapers are also part of the amenities. The basic fee for the use of the bedside phone is already included in the elective service surcharge.

A select choice of meals is also part of our elective service programme. For lunch, you will make your choices from an extended meal range featured on our menu, which changes daily. Breakfast and dinner may be chosen at your discretion from our expanded selection full of small culinary treats. In the afternoons, we will serve you fresh coffee with piece of cake or baked goods.

It is best to let us know upon admission whether you want to take advantage of elective services. Patient information will be happy to share the respective costs with you or you may look them up in our general contract terms.

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