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Dear Patients,
Dear Colleagues,

Every medical treatment is contingent upon a differentiated diagnosis. As the representatives of the most important conservative discipline in medicine, we see ourselves primarily as diagnosis providers. We evaluate and examine your issues as concisely as possible.  After the diagnosis and the recording of the status of the illness, we collaborate with other disciplines to come up with a tailored treatment plan for you. This is what we refer to as personalized medicine. As part of an integral treatment concept we want to take into account your personality as a whole with all socio-cultural peculiarities, including your ethnic values. The individual dialogue with you is an important part of the actions we take. The medication-based conservative treatment of your disease is based on the latest guidelines and recommendations. At the Endoscopy Centre, we offer many minimally invasive endoscopic treatment options. Competent advice on preventative measures and complementary procedures are of course also part of our responsibilities as practitioners of teaching medicine.


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