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International Patients

Dear patients,

Opened in 1967 as Germany’s most modern hospital in Mönchengladbach, the Elisabeth-Krankenhaus (Hospital) still offers a level of medical care based on the latest scientific insights. We provide premium medical services in a personal atmosphere. We ensure that our patients receive first rate care and combine medical competency with human engagement.

Our hospital offers broad, comprehensive care as well as outstanding special services. Boasting more than 1,300 staff members and 547 beds, we deliver in-patient services to around 29,000 patients a year and out-patient services to about 50,000.

Our office for international patients provides special services for patients from abroad. The office team handles the administrative support of international patients who are in-patients at our hospital.

We place the highest priority on personal, cultural and religious needs. To achieve this we work with experienced interpreters. Thanks to the fact that the members of our medical and nursing staff come from different countries and have international experience, we are frequently in a position to communicate in their native languages with our patients from abroad.

We encourage you to get to know us and gain first insights. We want our patients to be comfortable at our facility. From the admission process to the consultation with the doctor to the patient’s discharge, our experienced staff members will be at your side to make certain that your stay is the best possible experience for you and your family members.

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