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Our hospital’s Prostate Centre guarantees the interdisciplinary provision of care to our patients on the highest level. The cooperation of physicians with different professional backgrounds makes highly precise diagnostics and broad treatment options possible, so that each patient can be offered a customized solution. Moreover, expert advice is provided through a special prostate consultation on treatment options. In close cooperation between the Clinics for Radiology and Urology, the modern form of prostate biopsy has now been offered for several months, which combines magnetic resonance tomography and ultrasound imaging into fusion biopsies. Other professional disciplines, such as pathology, radiation treatment and oncology also collaborate at the Centre. Hence, almost all options of  prostate therapy are offered. In particular the Clinic for Urology and Paediatric Urology has extraordinarily extensive experience in the surgical treatment of the prostate. For instance, the transurethral electric resection of the prostate is also performed in the very low blood format of bipolar techniques and prostate cancer is addressed with the nerve conserving radical surgery.

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