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Quality Care

The Städtische Kliniken Mönchengladbach GmbH has devised a standardized framework aiming at the systematic and structured assessment of potential risks related to patients.  

To ensure and optimize the quality of our care, upon admission, patients of all age groups are evaluated for any risks with regard to decubitus (bedsores), a fall, deficient nutrition, acute pain, pneumonia and post hospitalization care deficits. For this purpose we have at all disposal the result-oriented care assessment Acut Care® for digital care documentation, into which specially tested, generally valid and accredited assessment tools are integrated.

To combat these risks, the German Care Quality Assurance Network (Deutsches Netzwerk zur Qualitätssicherung in der Pflege = (DNQP) has created a structured framework with expert standards that is uniformly mandatory for all of Germany.
The expert standards contain verifiable parameters for quality assurance in healthcare used as benchmarks to measure the performance of hospitals.

With regard to risk management in care, measures are taken that are adjusted individually to and coordinated with the patients. The sharing of information with in-house departments and outside facilities occurs via reference or transfer reports to warrant the provision of continuous care.

Thanks to annual advanced and continued education programmes, certified professional nursing expert training and the collegial interchanges in conjunction with quality audits, the care professionals have the knowledge and the competency to assess the risks. Their shared professional terms facilitate the planning of preventative measures, their continuity, the verification of their efficacy and make our management transparent.

Patients and their family are briefed, consulted and, if applicable, instructed on the potential risks and consequences.
Besides the nursing staff on the stations, patients and their families also have access to trained care facilitators for practical instructions and advice by the hospital bed and at home (Family Care). We regularly offer seminars for care providing family members.

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