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Telephone, TV & Internet

Bedside phone

Each bed in the patient rooms has a dedicated phone line connection. You will need a phone card to use the phone. To obtain it, please contact the switchboard in the entrance foyer. The service fee and the cost of outbound calls will be automatically charged to the phone card. If you have questions about the fees or the use of the phone, please contact the reception by dialing 9.

TV sets

At our hospital, every patient room has a television set.

Broadcasts of television programmes are free of charge for you. All you need are headphones. You can use a conventional set of your  own or obtain one from the reception for EUR 2.50.

Internet connection

Patients have the option to access the Internet on their own laptops, tablets, smartphones, etc., via WLAN. For the connection data and costs please ask the switchboard in the main building.

Awards & Certifications


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