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Dear Patients and Family Members,

During your hospital stay, our qualified nursing and care teams will be your closest allies. We have made it our aim to care for every patient individually and integrally. Integrally means that the focus is on the human being – his/her body, spirit and soul.

The aim of the care we provide is to provide the most comprehensive patient support possible with the objective of maintaining or restoring the patient’s autonomy and independence. As part of the therapeutic team we make contributions by instructing and supporting patients congruent with their existing capabilities whenever assistance is needed. In partnership with you and also your family members, we define the targeted care objectives and plan the measures that will help attain the goals.

At the Städtische Kliniken Mönchengladbach GmbH, we place particular emphasis on the human and professional qualifications of our nursing and care teams.

New care concepts that foster and re-establish health have evolved into important components of modern care. They are facilitated through our advanced education programs, in-house continued training and nursing care apprenticeships. Subsequently, they are deployed in practical applications. In the event of grave health impairments, we are in a position to guarantee professionally competent services thanks to the high level of qualification of our care teams.

Although we make every attempt to make the stay as stress-free as possible for you, your daily routines will not be the same as they are at home. Treatment activities and examinations will have a significant impact on your days with us. The interruption of quiet times and early wake-up calls might be necessary. If at all possible, we will take your personal wishes into account.

If you should need continued out-patient care upon your discharge or need assistance with the acquisition of medical implements, our social services will provide support.

We would like to ask you to share the positive and negative experiences you made during your stay with our care team. At our facility, we consider your suggestions part of our ongoing process of attaining patient satisfaction.

Yours sincerely,

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