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Food Services

During your hospital stay, proper nutrition plays an important role. It contributes to the wellness and recovery of every patient.
Our kitchen boasts ultra-modern technology so that meals can be prepared freshly and in a way that protects their nutritional value every single day. Food is served hot.

You have the option to compose your lunches from the menus available in the rooms and customize your meals based on your personal preferences and taste.
Five daily meals are available for your lunch selections: the whole foods meal, the light whole foods meal, a vegetarian meal, a Muslim and a children’s meal. Thanks to our computer aided meal tracking system, it is also possible to choose specific components. Breakfast and dinner can also be composed based on your preferences. A nurse will ask you for your choices for the coming day.

If you have been prescribed a special diet, you will not have to give up delicious, satisfying and alternating meals.
Our dietary assistant will be pleased to assist you. The nursing staff will establish contact with him/her, so that questions can be specifically answered, if applicable with support and information material, so that your new eating patterns can be continued later in your own household.  

Please communicate food intolerances or dislikes to us early so that we can take those special needs into account when composing and preparing your dietary meals.

We hope that you will always enjoy your meals and that they will contribute to your recovery.

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