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Brief Profile

Dear Patients, Dear Future Parents,
Dear Colleagues,

We are pleased to welcome you to our website and that you are allowing us to present our clinic to you.

Boasting more than 2800 deliveries each year, we can tell you with pride that we have established ourselves as the state of North Rhine Westphalia’s hospital with the most births for the fifth time in a row. This is even more impressive if one takes into account that  Mönchengladbach, based on the number of residents in North Rhine Westphalia comes in 18th, so that future parents are choosing our facility for the delivery of their babies well beyond the city limits.

We have the certification of a Perinatal Centre Level I and, along with our paediatric clinic, we offer the entire spectrum of obstetrics.

We love taking care of simple and uncomplicated pregnancies and births just as much and as competently as we offer dedicated services for high risk pregnancies. Regardless of what you bring to us, it will always be our objective to create an atmosphere of comfort for you.

Besides obstetrics we do of course offer the great spectrum of gynaecology, in which we provide surgeries to close to 2200 patients a year in addition to the many conservative treatments we offer.  About a quarter of all surgeries are provided on an outpatient basis. In the spring of 2020, we opened a dedicated outpatient surgery tract as part of our main building expansion, which ensures an even smoother progression of outpatient surgeries.

Our department comprises a large team of 27 physicians (1 head physician, 9 senior physicians and 17 assistant physicians). Hence, along with our staff of 40 midwives, we can guarantee a lot of deliveries without any problems in a quiet atmosphere for you. We can also provide competent services to gynaecological patients and give them the time they need to feel at ease with us. Even after the regular business hours, we always have 3 physicians (1 senior physician and 2 assistant physicians) on duty, so that prompt action with the highest level of competency is always possible. I would like to introduce our team to you on the next pages and also present the diversity of our clinic. I hope you will enjoy perusing through the information.


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