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Brief Profile

Dear Parents,

We warmly welcome you to our clinic’s website. It is available to you at all times to provide information on the professional set-up of our clinic and get tips as well as information on everyday clinic life. Our Paediatric and Adolescents Medical Centre has 96 beds, including 6 in the intensive care unit and 20 for premature baby/monitoring beds, making it one of the largest paediatric clinics in Germany. We treat around 6,800 children and adolescents on an inpatient basis every year and 20,000 on an outpatient basis. Along with the Gynaecological and Obstetrics Clinics, which is adjacent to the Paediatric Clinic in the same building, we offer a Level 1 Perinatal Centre. As a Perinatal Centre that provides the highest level of services, a clinic has a vast reach and treats a high number of premature and high risk births as well as provides services in multiple birth situations. Hence, it is one of the top facilities among perinatal centres in North Rhine Westphalia.

What to expect

You can look forward to working with a congenial, committed team composed of multiple professional backgrounds that will take care of your child’s healthcare and comfort needs. The focus of our work is on the children and adolescents whose care we are entrusted with and their parents. All of our staff members strive to help them overcome their fears and gain their trust. The age and developmental status of the young person are taken into account in the diagnostics as well as treatment planning and implementation; as are potential mental impairments and the family situation. Thoroughly trained, experienced paediatricians and nurses specializing in childcare will be there around the clock to care for your sick child and provide help to you as the family member. They are assisted by kindergarten teachers, occupational therapists, a social worker and a dietician. We also offer support through experienced paediatric and youth psychiatrists and psychologists. Classes by teachers will of course by facilitated for school age children who have to stay at the hospital for extended periods of time.

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