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Brief Profile

Proctological surgery addresses diseases of the proctos  (= Greek term for rectum). The term “proctology” has become the term used for this surgery.

Proctological diseases are common illnesses and occur frequently. About half of the population will see a doctor for problems in the rectal area at some point in their lives. These problems are often accompanied by feelings of shame because they establish themselves in a taboo area (“one doesn’t talk about it”). This why many who are affected find it difficult to find someone, or a doctor, who will be able to provide proper help, arrive at a precise diagnosis and administer appropriate treatment. This is the reason why we set up this focal discipline at our hospital in 2014.

“Proctology” is a dedicated section of the hospital allocated to the Clinic for General and Visceral Surgery. The section manager, Dr. Grosch, has represented this discipline for decades, including in management functions. He is a true expert in the field.

The Proctology Section and the Colon Cancer Centre, which is certified by the German Cancer Society, were accredited and certified on 1st  November 2018 as a "Competency Centre for Surgical Coloproctology" by the German Society for General and Visceral Surgery.

As part of a regular outpatient consultation, we offer patients with coloproctological issues and diseases a point of contact. We examine them in a trust-based and compassionate ambiance, compile a diagnosis and come up with a treatment plan. Obviously, the concisely clarify the causes of the problems, supplementary examination methods often have to be deployed (e.g. endoscopy, x-ray diagnostics, ultrasound, etc.), so that additional appointments and even short hospital stays may be required.

Of course we perform proctological emergencies around the clock, 7 days a week – ike all other surgical emergencies.

In this context, I would like to say that the Proctology Section and the Continence Centre of the Städtische Kliniken, which has been certified for many years, complement each other perfectly, along with the work we do through our Urology and Gynaecology Clinics.

On the following pages, you will find information on the Proctology Section and the diseases it treats. This is no substitute to a consultation with a doctor, so please contact us if you have any questions!


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